57. Cyberwarfare is here

In this era of state-sanctioned cyber warfare, Is your business approach to cybersecurity up to date? How can you keep your business and your clients, safe from cyber-attacks?

Embark on an eye-opening episode of Insights as a Service. Barry Greene, former Principal Resiliency & Security Architect at Akamai Technologies , helps Brendan understand the origins, evolution, and best practice responses to disruptive cyber warfare campaigns!

Get up to date on the real state of cyber warfare as Brendan and Barry discuss different sovereign state responses, how critical it is to take proactive measures in cybersecurity, how Australia’s approach towards preventing cyber-kinetic incidents puts it at an advantage, and much more…


  • 00:00 – A Military Perspective on Cyber Warfare
  • 03:05 – The Evolution of Cyber Warfare and Collateral Damage
  • 10:07 – Cyber Warfare Preparation and the Importance of Activating Internal Talent
  • 13:23 – The Power of Disinformation and Psychological Warfare in Cyber Warfare
  • 16:47 – Disrupting Civil Operations and Commercial Industry’s Incentive to Not Fix the Problem
  • 19:29 – Private-to-Private Collaboration in the Industry Trust Groups
  • 22:26 – Moving Money and Counter-Moves in Cybersecurity
  • 26:01 – Cyber Warfare Defense and the Arms Race
  • 29:02 – The Need for Cooperation in Cybersecurity and the Balancing Act between Personal Rights and the Greater Good
  • 32:49 – Incentivisation and Innovation in Authoritarian States
  • 35:55 – Limitations and Threat Actors in Cybersecurity
  • 38:54 – The Risks of Supply Chain Vulnerabilities and Compromised Individuals.
  • 42:38 – The Importance of Cybersecurity for Telecommunications Companies
  • 45:34 – The importance of constantly plugging security holes in telecom networks
  • 48:16 – The Importance of Community and Continuous Improvement in Industry Professional Groups
  • 51:16 – Getting Involved in Industry-Specific Security Communities
  • 54:21 – Being a Widget in the Interlocking Security Architecture System
  • 57:48 – Following Barry’s Thoughts on Security and Trust Groups at Senki.org

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