58. AI Impact on Customer Service

AI is here, and it’s bigger than the internet, according to Tim Warren, CEO and founder of Ambit. How you use it in your business will determine the quality of experience your customers have and how effectively you differentiate your brand.

This week’s conversation is taking Brendan into the history and development of AI, from Natural language processing (NLP) to Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and its applications in various industries.

You will learn how businesses are focusing on new customer service tactics, using AI in B2C and B2B interactions to drive bottom-line growth.


  • 00:00 – The Marketing Power of AI
  • 02:13 – Introducing Ambit: Customer Service with AI
  • 03:01 – Finding the Right Business Idea
  • 03:20 – The Rise of AI and Blockchain in Business
  • 06:35 – The Definition of Artificial Intelligence and its Development
  • 10:00 – The Evolution of Natural Language Processing
  • 13:21 – The Rise of Generative AI
  • 16:52 – The Viral Adoption of Chat GPT: Bigger than the Internet
  • 20:16 – The Stunning Visuals and Advances in AI
  • 23:40 – The Role of Engineers in Real-World Applications
  • 26:56 – Creating Art in the Style of Nirvana
  • 30:06 – The Cognitive Challenges in AI and Humans
  • 33:13 – The Evolution of Cybersecurity Threats
  • 36:29 – The Democratization of Skill Sets in the Job Market
  • 39:42 – Coder Disruption and Industry Regulation
  • 42:49 – The Importance of Regulation and Consumer Safety
  • 45:50 – Automating documentation with chat GPT
  • 49:02 – Sophisticated Support Mechanisms
  • 52:17 – Chatbot Adoption in B2C and B2B Markets

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