59. Building a trans-Tasman business

This time, we have something special in store for you.

Recently, Brendan had the privilege of being a guest on the Pax8 Academy podcast, hosted by the amazing James Davis.

During their conversation, they delved into Brendan’s experience of bringing a New Zealand business to Australia. Exploring the valuable lessons learned, the required investment, and the resulting return on that investment, they cover topics relevant to all businesses looking to offer services across both countries. Additionally, they discussed the timeframe for achieving success and what Brendan might do differently if he had a do-over.

If you’re an MSP or a telco currently operating in either Australia or New Zealand and wondering whether it’s the right time to venture into the other market, you’re in for a treat. Their discussion is packed with valuable insights that can help inform your decision-making process.


  • 0:00 Background
  • 5:00 Biggest challenges getting into the AU market
  • 11:20 The secret to building your network, fast
  • 20:00 What to do when can’t directly compete
  • 23:20 The first hires you need when entering a new market
  • 27:50 Creating alignment in a remote-first culture
  • 32:00 Benefits of trans-Tasman operations
  • 35:00 How much $ do you need to enter a new market?
  • 40:00 Final thoughts

Pax8 Channel: @Pax8AcademyAPAC

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